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Kettlebell workouts originated centuries ago in Russia as a training method for Olympic athletes and members of the military. They have now found their place in the mainstream fitness world. There are many benefits to kettlebell exercises, whether you are just beginning a fitness program or you are an advanced athlete.

Core Strength

Every kettlebell exercise demands activation of your core musculature. This includes your abdominals, hips, gluteals and back. Developing a strong and active core is critical in preventing injuries, ensuring the long-term health of your spine, and teaching your body to move more efficiently.

Cardiovascular Endurance

High-repetition kettlebell exercises, such as swings and their variations, really get your heart rate up and push the limits of your cardiovascular endurance. A workout focused on this type of kettlebell exercise is like a very intense cardio interval workout with many additional benefits.

Muscular Endurance

Kettlebell exercises push your muscles, especially those in your core, to keep working repeatedly for long periods of time. This builds muscular endurance, which helps maintain posture and form in your workouts as well as throughout everyday life. Good posture prevents injuries, unhealthy muscle tension, and other aches and pains.

Stronger Muscles and Bones

The resistance of kettlebell training builds stronger muscles, and because kettlebell exercises involve weight bearing, they also strengthen bones. Weight bearing exercises can help prevent osteoporosis and arthritis. If you have one of these conditions, however, or know you are at risk, check with your doctor for advice on physical activity.

Weight Loss

Kettlebell training burns calories by elevating the heart rate and challenging many major muscle groups at once. This makes it an excellent workout method for weight loss. Furthermore, kettlebell exercises are extremely efficient at building lean muscle mass, which elevates the metabolism and helps maintain a healthy body weight long term.

Adaptability to Different Goals

Kettlebell training includes many forms of exercise and limitless program design possibilities. This means that kettlebell training is effective for achieving many goals. Someone wanting to “bulk up” and add significant muscle mass can benefit from kettlebells just as much as someone hoping to tone muscles, build cardio endurance and slim down.


Because there are so many kettlebell exercises, it is easy to add variety to your workout program. Variety is beneficial because it keeps the body challenged, which helps avoid training plateaus. It also keeps things interesting and makes it easier to stick with a workout program.


Kettlebell training does not demand elaborate, expensive equipment or a lot of space. You can complete an entire full-body workout that incorporates cardio, strength training, core stabilization, and flexibility with one kettlebell of the appropriate weight. This makes kettlebell training accessible and easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Kettlebell Classes

These classes are a really fun and exciting way to exercise. Kettlebell classes are especially good for people who are looking for something different and who like to feel they have had a really good workout at the end of a class! We use kettlebells to give a whole body workout, which will give you cardio and muscular benefits whilst having lots of fun and burning fat.

Classes are currently held at Loxdale School, Lock Hill, Portslade:

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Mondays: 1830-1930 hrs

Wednesdays: 1800-1900 hrs