M2M Fitness Brighton & Hove


Personal Training

We can offer personal training sessions on a one on one basis to achieve your fitness goals.  We can train in your own home, local park or private personal training studio in central Hove; whatever you feel most comfortable with.  (Please note that outside training may be dependent on our ever changing British weather)!

If you would like to train with another person (s) of similar fitness, we are more than happy to discuss this in further detail.


We can offer nutritional guidance and support throughout your training programme.  If you feel that you would like something a little more detailed, we can also offer a nutritional analysis.  This will involve you keeping a food diary as it is vital for us to understand your eating patterns.  You are what you eat and by improving your diet it will enhance the success of achieving your health and fitness goals.

Pre and Post natal Personal Training

I have a special interest in this subject as a result of difficulties I experienced after the births of my own children.  I found it difficult to get appropriate exercise advice before and after birth and feel that this is an important area of exercise that often gets overlooked.  I understand that this can be a sensitive and emotional time in a woman’s life therefore I am considerate and understanding of these feelings.

I am also a voluntary Breastfeeding Support Mum at the local hospital so I am also able to offer breastfeeding support if needed, (Hannah Quinn).

Weight Management

If you want to lose weight/body fat we can give you a tailored programme specifically designed to achieve this.  By reducing your body fat you will be healthier, you will feel better, you will have increased energy levels and feel more confident.

A weight management programme will consist of a variety of cardio and weight resistance training that will target fat burning.


Health & Fitness Testing

It is very important to have a measure of your health and fitness at the beginning of your programme in order to be able to see clear improvements at the end of the programme.  This is done by checking your weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat composition, hydration levels and various cardio and muscle strength and endurance tests.  These tests can then be repeated to clearly see your progress and this will in turn keep you motivated.


Pole Fitness Dancing

Pole Dance for fitness has exploded onto the scene of alternative fitness!  The fact that this sport emerged from such humble beginnings does not detract from the sport itself.  One of the most inviting things about pole for fitness is that you will develop a strong, lean and toned physique, increase your body confidence and self esteem and have fun too!

From the start, pole dancers throw their body weight up, down and around holding on with ankles, backs of knees, and often even one handed.  The weight that they are throwing around is further unbalanced by momentum, torque, and spin which tends to work the muscles completely and throughout their range of motion to develop the condition of the muscles or limbs as a whole, rather than concentrating on lifting weights to target a specific muscle group.  Pole dancing is also a great cardio workout so it benefits your weight management goals and also helps to keep the heart and lungs healthy.

Think that you are too old or out of shape to try Pole Fitness?  Think again!  Pole fitness is suitable for anyone from 17-70+!  So, there really is no excuse not to give it a try.

One to one lessons are £30 per hour, x2 people is £40.  All lessons need to be pre-booked and there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.  

If you would like more information about pole fitness sessions, please do not hesitate to contact Hannah Quinn – 07585 119095 or email: m2mfitness@hotmail.co.uk